Friday, October 1, 2010

Patch 1.0.13

Hey Guy's! First post of the New-erth blog, and I just thought I'd get the latest patch notes out for all those unable to get on at the moment.

Version 1.0.13
== General ==

- Darkwood Vale is now a 4v4 map
- Kill streaks of 15 or more now play the "IMMORTAL!" announcer sound / message
- Taunt effect is now more intense and shiny for the first few seconds
- Heroes will now fully turn toward their final goal even when pathing into deeply blocked areas
- Max possible charges are now ~16,000 (Fixes several issues)
- Change default lag threshold to 1000 ms from 500 ms
- Clients no longer precache the voice responses of enemy heroes
- Muting a player will /ignore that player, and unmuting will /unignore.
- Fixes the white icons when someone randoms. The random now happens before the load, not after
- Updated visual effects for some neutrals' skills
- A teammate right clicking on a shop with the courier will open there own shop window now
- Added watery grass to show where fog is blocked yet you can run through
- Added global announcer sounds anytime Kongor is slain
- New Effects for minotaur, catman, and vagabond leader
- Update Frostburn tooltip to show max of 3 charges, instead of 5
- Updated effects and sounds for several items like Blood Chalice, Puzzlebox, and Striders
- Updated sounds to several heroes

- Fix some loading bar funkiness
- Fixed game hosts not being able to assign players from Hellbourne to Legion side when right clicking their portrait. Credit to Bangerz for this fix
- Fixed the quick stats

- K:D ratio now displays two digits after the decimal (for example K:D will be "1.58" instead of "1.6")
- Fixed client not handling valid clan name tags that are 4 chars long
- Fix for a few of the public game filters (mode, num players, map name, server type) to correctly save their settings. Credit to Bangerz for this fix
- Fixes for Full Game, Advanced Game Option, and Advanced Game Mode Filters
- Fixed a potential crash on the chat server that occured when a user was not able to be resolved during a clan invite
- Cleaned up some of the error messages to properly represent the error occuring

== Mod Integration ==

- Added UI_CMD's GetFPS() and GetPing()
- Hon now natively supports the "Mod Options" mod framework
- HoN now natively supports the "Movable Frames" mod framework
* Movable Frames now supports spectator mode
* Cleanly integrated Movable Frames with Mod Options, so that the user can customize his movable frames the same way he would customize any other mod
- The Replay Stats Button mod is now built in (Credit to BASH)
* Adds a button to the Local Replays list to view the match stats
- The Enhanced Buff Icons mod is now built in
- The Improved Spectator UI mod is now built in

== Neutrals ==

Skeleton Boss
- Now a ranged unit. Damage re-adjusted
- His castable root now ministuns on impact

Neutral Ogre
- Fixed the ice shield so it doesn't apply when a melee hero casts at someone who has it on

== Items ==

Blood Chalice
- Mana returned from 150 to 100
- Now stops all regeneration effects (bottle/health potion) when used

- Added visual trail to silence state for some anti-juke fun.

Savage Mace
- The proc can no longer propagate to illusions

- Will no longer go on cooldown just from looking at someone, you now have to attack
- Runes of the Blight can now be used and not put the item into cooldown
- Fixed a bug causing them not to reset cooldown when they are picked up or transferred

Sword of the High
- Cost lowered from 3800 to 3400

Tablet of Command
- Added to the "nohelp" list, so you can no longer push allies who do not allow you to
- Now applies a ministun on use to the target if it is an enemy
- The target is no longer silenced or perplexed, and can turn while being pushed

Void Talisman
- Fixed so you cannot activate while magic immune (Can't waste it anymore)

== Heroes ==

Fixed the following playing through fog:
* Magmus Steam Bath
* Wildsoul's Bear Teleport
* Forsaken's Volley
* Blacksmith's Flaming Hammer
* Chronos' Timeleap

- Decreased str gain from 3.1 to 2.7
- Hell on Newerth
* Damage:
* (Lvl 1) 200/300/400 to 175/250/325
* (Lvl 2/3) 350,450,550 to 300/375/450
* Effects:
* (Lvl 2/3) Hell Snare from 6 seconds to 4 seconds
* (Lvl 3) Volatile Minions damage from 150/225/300 to 125/200/275
* When ultimate is in cd you no longer gain charges when enemies cast spells near you, instead you decrease the cd of your ultimate by 1 seconds per spell cast

Blood Hunter
- Clarify Blood Sense's tooltip to show that the aura increases by 1500 range per level
- Feast now leaves a lingering debuff for 1.5s when attacking a hero
* If they die in this time, Blood Hunter still gets healed.

- Removed the 0.1s cooldown when a new charge is available for Rockets

- Curse of Ages no longer works on buildings

- Striders will now be 'turned off' while Decay is activated
- No longer gains strength from killing himself. :(
- His own illusions should no longer steal strength from him when someone dies nearby
- Lower strength gain to 1 per kill
- Ult Decay increase range rebalanced from 50 per charge/level to 30/40/50 per charge/level

Doctor Repulsor
- Starting int from 27 to 25
- Level 1 armor lowered from 5.1 to 4.1
- Magnetic Contraption still happens instantly, just a 400ms backswing. Can anim cancel the backswing like normal
- Attackspeed slow from Electric Frenzy is now -50 instead of -50%
- Tree destruction radius on Ludicrous Speed reduced from 100 to 75
- Can no longer use Ludicrous Speed while immobilized

- Strength gain lowered from 2.3 to 2
- Turret duration from 6s to 5s
* Can only be hit a max of 5 times now (down from 8)
- Fixed a bug with Energy Field that caused units to get owned if they went invulnerable while inside

Flint Beastwood
- Money Shot's will now auto-cancel if the target is greater than 1800/2300/2800 units away from you while you're still channeling
- Crosshair on target should be visible to allies only

Forsaken Archer
- Will no longer spawn skeletons after she dies from a midair arrow

- Enfeeble no longer has charges set to 0 when attacking creeps, only when hitting heroes
- Enfeeble duration incresed from 3s to 4s
- Now steals 1% of anything hit's total damage per charge and gives that damage to gauntlet for the duration of the slow/steal
- Max charges from 50 to 35
- Fixed his glove getting snagged on buildings when he threw it
- The glove throws no longer disable each other

- Tundra Blast slow from 5s static to 3/3.5/4/4.5s

- Reworked
- Ability 1: Torrent
* Kraken conjures a surge of seawater, drowning an enemy. Deals damage, slows, and reduces armor
* Deals 110/160/210/260 Magic damage and applies Torrent to the target for 3 seconds
* Torrent: 30% Movement Slow, -2/-3/-4/-5 Armor
- Ability 2: Tsunami Charge
* Kraken charges with great strength and speed, dragging the first enemy he encounters to sure doom. If Kraken collides with a tree, cliff, or structure, he will stop. If he is dragging someone at that time, they will get stunned.
* Charges 800 units in the targeted direction. Deals 60/90/120/150 Magic damage in a 200 AoE to all enemy units he charges past. On collision with an enemy hero, that hero is picked up and carried along with Kraken. When he hits a cliff, building, or tree he stops charging. If he is carrying an enemy hero, that hero is stunned for 1/1.33/1.66/2 seconds and takes an additional 50/100/150/200 Physical damage.
- Ability 3: Splash
* Kraken releases a devastating slam that splits the seven seas, passively dealing additional splash damage on occasion.
* Deals 30/50/70/90 bonus Magical damage to targets in a 325 radius and an additional 30/50/70/90 Magical damage to targets in a 200 radius. Attacking will reduce cooldown by 1 second.
- Ability 4: Release the Kraken!
* Every seafarer's nightmare is manifest as this hulk of watery flesh! Summons a Whirlpool that damages and pulls in enemies. If they reach the center, they are damaged and stuned by its lashing tentacles.
* After a delay of 1 second a 300 radius whirlpool spawns, dealing 40/50/70 Magic damage per second, slowing by 50%, and pulling units towards the center with a force of 100/125/150. Any enemies who reach the center are dealt 200/300/400 Magic damage and are stunned for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Lasts 3/4/5 seconds.

- Steam Bath now disjoints on use
- Fixed a bug causing you to not always go to exactly where you click when using Lava Surge

- Removed the 0.1s cooldown when a new charge is available for Flurry

- Updated tooltips to show he gains slow resistance and reveals the target while charging
- Reveal time after Charge is over lowered from 4s to 2s
- Horned Strike damage increased by 20 across all levels
- Damage from ult +5% at all levels
- When horned strike procs, 15% movespeed for 1.5s
- Charge slow resistance added instead of treewalking
- Fixed a bug with the ult that caused the target to get endless unitwalking

Sand Wraith
- Deserted range check for people being alone lowered from 400 to 300

- Removed the 0.1s cooldown when a new charge is available for Wards

- A 500ms cooldown now starts when using Vanish to avoid double activating it

- Anyone who breaks Mesmerize and is slept themselves now are immune to damage for the first 1s

- Can now turn while ulting

- Base strength from 16 to 18

- Fixed infinite buff bug with Cold Shoulder
- The "push-away" from Avalanche now correctly goes the full distance every time and will not push people who were behind Tundra

- Vindicator Illusions can no longer steal intelligence
- Global Silence is now dispellable

Voodoo Jester
- Fixed the bug causing Acid Cocktail to occasionally split into two
- Sped up Acid Cocktail from 750 to 800 initial and 450 to 600 for the bounce
- Fixed his tooltips to clarify that his casks do no damage to heroes

Witch Slayer
- Can now only cast Power Drain on units with mana


  1. So does this mean, I should definitely start playing HoN?

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