Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Patch Notes! 1.0.14

Version 1.0.14 

== General == 

- Updated effects for the Vagabond neutrals 
- Added Australia region filter to public games and create game interfaces 
- Fixed Kongor slain sound anytime Kongor is killed (Only a problem on some systems) 
- Quick Stats bad baseline fix. 
- Fix quick stats always saying "Player's First Game" on Mac/Linux clients 
- When a killstreak of 11 thru 14 is ended, the game now properly displays "X has ended Y's BLOODBATH streak", not "X has ended Y's IMMORTAL streak" 
- Fix for the restore button disappearing on the replay scoreboard (the entire scoreboard was moving off screen) when a player is terminated 

== Heroes == 

- Fixerd him not gaining strength from killing a hero. Logic failure. 

- Fixed not being able to teleport into your own base 

- Fixed Hellbourne Main Building bounds so Tsunami Charge doesn't just go through it 
- Fixed Tsunami Charge doing too much damage 
- Tsunami Charge no longer brings Invulnerable units along with him 
- Splash no longer propagates to illusions 

- All non-cleave splash damage will now wake up someone slept by Mesmerize